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Epoxy Adhesives

CONREPAIR CO.,LTD. is the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the perfect quality Epoxy Adhesives which are widely used for fixing cracks or repair broken materials. These adhesives are highly appreciated by the customers due to their numerous attributes which includes high strength, forms a permanent seal, reliable, durable, low maintenance, easy usage and many more. Epoxy Adhesives are suitable for wet surfaces and can be injected through syringes as well as injecting pumps. Furthermore, these adhesives are ideal for monolithic sealing of cracks as well as bonding steel plated to concrete; therefore, are tightly sealed in order to avoid corrosion and moisture.
Product Image (DEL-090)

Epoxy Adhesive Agent

  • Delivery Time:1-2 Week
Product Image (DEL-090)

Low Viscosity Epoxy Adhesives

Key Points

  • Two Component Low Viscosity Epoxy For dry is specially formulated two component epoxy resin for filling micro cracks
  • Highly penetrative and cures to form a permanent and rigid seal
  • Suitable for dry surfaces and can be easily injected with a grease gun

Product Image (Grouting Epoxy Resin)

Low Viscosity Dry Epoxy Injection Agent

Key Points

  • Low Viscosity Dry Epoxy Injection agent is ideal for use in monolithic sealing of cracks
  • Provides a tight seal against the ingress of corrosive fluids and gases
  • This low viscosity epoxy resin has optimal adhesiveness