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Epoxy Grout

Where factors like moisture, chemical damage or wear-and-tear are frequently observed in any area, Epoxy Grout installation is considered as a smart move. This is reckoned for chemical resistant and abrasion-proof design ensuring to provide a versatile solution in different and specialist applications. Its non-porous nature and structure does not allow dust, dirt and grime to penetrate. In addition to this, it comes to create moisture grout joints to ensure to withstand heavy wear or harsh weather conditions. This is an outstanding preventative measure to resist stains and damage. In addition to this, it also ensures to offer persistent adhesion.
Product Image (DEP-009)

Epoxy Putty

  • Delivery Time:1-2 Week
Product Image (Epoxy Grout)

Epoxy Grout

Key Points

  • Epoxy Grout is a two component low viscosity wet epoxy agent that is used for concrete crack repair or steel plate reinforcement
  • Ideal for cracks with wet, moisture and humidity
  • It does not affect concrete structure with any chemical reaction