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Injection Packer

The precisely designed Injection Packer is basically a replaceable tool which is required for injecting chemical based grouting materials like epoxy and polyurethane resins into fractures appeared on concrete structures. It is used as an indispensable part of advanced grouting equipment under high pressure for inserting water sealing grouting elements into the cracked concrete structure. Convenient to use, install and remove, this grouting injection medium can be accessed in different configurations to suit the exact grouting based repairing needs of construction industry. It consists of components like inflatable black colored rubber made section with exceptional toughness level, zinc or nickel treated grease nipple and packer core.

Uses and Applications:
  • This Injection Packer is required for repairing structural damage of tunnels, subways, basement and underground passage.
  • Its application can also be noticed during pipelines maintenance and concrete structure leakage repairing work.
  • It is also used to safeguard wall corners, columns, beams, different types of concrete structures and through wall pipe water against water.
  • Standard grade aluminum, steel and brass have been used to design its highly durable ferrule part.
  • It is fitted in the drill hole of a specific building.
  • It adopts inclined injection insertion method.
  • It does not leave any stain mark on injected surface.
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Injection Packer for Grouting

Price: 0.20~0.35/Box
  • Delivery Time:10 Days
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Mechanical Injection Packers

Key Points

  • Mechanical Injection Packers work as a connective pipe between injection device and component for the injection
  • These are ideal for filling cracks smaller than hairline
  • These components provide medium to high pressure filling

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Crack Injection Packers

Key Points

  • Crack Injection Packers are inserted into the predrilled holes and cracks for epoxy or polyurethane grout injection
  • These injection packers are attached to the greasing guns and pumps for injecting
  • These are ideal for filling minute cracks on the concrete structures

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Brass Injection Packer

Key Points

  • Brass Injection Packer is a mechanical device that is used in reinforcement and repair works for filling concrete cracks
  • Can be used for either epoxy or polyurethane grout injection
  • Easy to connect and disconnect to injection machines