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Waterproofing Polyurethane

The offered range of Waterproof Grouting Polyurethane acts as the cost effective solution for repairing cracked concrete surfaces. This low density water repellent grouting resin penetrates deep into the fractured concrete. Post its hardening, its unique adhesive properties and compressive strength enable it to serve as the perfect barrier against water that has damaging effect on cracked concrete structures. With having around 30 minutes to 50 minutes of pot life, this grouting agent is applied via single component injector. This grouting PU resin is preferred over other available water stopping PU resins for tightness of its foam. Moreover, the foam generated by this hydrophobic or semi-hydrophobic grouting agent provides long lasting solution regarding water damaged wet or dry concrete surface.

Uses and Applications:
  • This grouting agent serves as an excellent option to repair and maintain honeycomb or fractured concrete, brick and limestone surfaces of waste water tanks, dams, tunnels, underground drainage lines, metro subways, manholes and pipe intrusion parts.
  • It repairs cracked foundation of fountain, suspended concrete floor and swimming pools.
  • It is used as an essential part of rain water gutter, bathroom floor, patio, balcony and terrace.
  • Free from water content, this Waterproof Grouting Polyurethane is completely shrinkage protected.
  • After its injection, this grouting solution penetrates deep even through the fine crack lines of various structures.
  • Its semi-hydrophobic version is effective in repairing damaged internal parts like metal bars located inside concrete structures.
  • The volume of its foam tends to increase thirty times more when exposed to water.
Product Image (CYH-303)

Grouting PU

For stop water leakages in old & new concrete structure & more useful for expansion joints.

Product Image (CYH-500)

PU Grouting

For stop water leakage in old & new concrete structures.

Product Image (CY-101)

Concrete Repair Material

Entire grouting materials for stop water leakages and for concrete crack repair along with equipments.

Product Image (CRM=120 (EXTRA-RAPID SETTING MORTAR for Repair))

Quick Setting Mortar

Price: Depend upon Quantity (Negotiable) USD ($)/Kilograms

Quick-Setting Mortar/Cement specially designed for stopping leaks,repairing concrete and anchoring. CRM-120 is used for repairing horizontal and vertical surfaces in interior or exterior concrete applications.

Product Image (CY505)

Polyurethane Waterproofing Material

Key Points

  • Polyurethane waterproofing is applied to the cracks formed on the walls of subways, tunnels and other concrete structures to prevent the water penetration
  • It is a low viscosity solution that penetrates deep down into the tiny leakage sections
  • It is ideal for both wet and dry crack repair works