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Drain Plate

Hard-wearing and robust Drain Plates are available to be used in streets, passages, pavements, etc. They are developed using high-quality PVC or steel according to the demands of the clients. These plates are easy and quick to install for providing a safe passage to drain water. They are provided in different sizes and designs having different diameters of holes to enhance the quality. These Drain Plates are also available in customized specifications and designs to suit varied demands of the clients. In addition to this, they are also provided with anti-abrasive coating for high-durability. 
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Floor Waterproof Drain Plate

- Disposal of infiltrating water and dew. - Underground structures. - Machine room storage facilities, Tunnels, Parking lots, Swimming pools, Underground floors, Bunkers, Ammunition depots, etc. - Public Facilities(Government Offices, Schools)

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Wall Drain Plate

- Resolves underground condensation and waterproof failures. - Shorter construction period and economical work. - Diverse design and excellent appearance. - Low absorption rate really suitable for ground condensation proof wall. - Use of flammable raw materials, secure from the risk of fire.