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Syringe Injector

The offered Syringe Injector is required for injecting epoxy based grouting chemicals into fine cracks appeared in concrete wall, slabs and beams sprawling over large area. Perfect to be used on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces, this injector possesses up to 50ml grouting filling capacity and it can inject grouting material at 30 kgf maximum pressure. The translucent appearance of its syringe enables its user to monitor the precise dosage of injected grouting material clearly. Perfect for low pressure injecting purpose, it promotes repairing of finest cracks of concrete structures without affecting the damaged construction. The pressure generated due to its injection does not cause any deformation of injected surface as the motion of inserted resin tends to expand in concentric circles.

Uses and Applications:
  • This Syringe Injector is extensively used in various construction sites for restoring damaged concrete beams, columns and other structures.
  • This grouting injection medium is an excellent option to repair and strengthen fractures appeared in concrete molding item.
  • It can be used for grouting detached concrete tiles and mortar.
  • This type of grouting injector is preferred over its rubber band based injector as its injecting method does not cause any deformation of sealed part of concrete structure.
  • This injector can be attached both in vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Injected grouting material penetrates deep into the cracked surfaces.
  • Suitable for repairing concrete fracture of large area
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Epoxy Resin Syringe Injector

Key Points

  • Syringe Injector is popularly used for injecting epoxy resin into the cracks using low pressure automatic injection type
  • This is a transparent syringe that allows to observe epoxy resin dosage
  • This injection provide deep penetration of epoxy resin into the cracks

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Automatic Syringe Injector

Key Points

  • The automatic syringe injector is used in various reinforcement and concrete repair works to fill the cracks with the mixture of epoxy resin
  • This injector has the filling capacity of 50ml
  • The syringe injector is ideal for both horizontal as well as vertical surface filling